Vibeline Team Reveals Top Questions For Video Chat This Lockdown

If you have ever wondered about what to talk about with your partner to get rid of that boredom during this lockdown, then here are suggested questions by Vibeline Black Chat company professionals to ask each other to become more close to each other. Below are top conversation starters topics which will interest both of you while having face to face meeting.

Here we will divide the conversation questions into different categories to make things more easy for you both.

Conversation Over Video Calls To Break The Ice

  • Ask about each others’ weekend plans
  • Ask each other about favourite days when you both will like to hang out with each other.
  • Ask each other about the favourite shopping destinations. What kind of video games you would prefer to play together.
  • Both of you can simply start with sentences like “hey how have you been”?.
  • How both of you would like to spend time together in weekends.
  • Over video phone dates to keep yourself stay connected, you both can ask about what are the expectations from this relationship.
  • You both can ask each other about that one thing which has changed the life.

To Stay Connected,Try To Understand Each Other’s Personalities

Try to know your phone dating partner’s thought process about what makes them happy and vice-a-versa. Questions like, ” How you both like to take decisions on big matters?”, Or “ask each other how you both handle tough situations which arise in life”?. Both of you can ask each other about upbringing and who you both are the closest to in the family? These types of conversational topics over video phone dates during lockdown will try to help both of you know each others’ nature as well as the type of thought which you both believe in.

Ask each other questions like if there was anytime when you have struggled a lot in the relationship and what all solutions you tried to maintain that? Try to know what you both think about making your bond strong so that you can succeed in this phone dating relationship even during tough times. However, it is suggested by experienced professionals of Black Phone Chatline team that to know best about your partner , whether a girl or a boy, you must consider knowing about them in person. This creates more clarification about your partner or would be partner

Asking About Each Others’ Shared Interests

  • Each others’ favorite movie?
  • One of the scariest movies that you both have watched ever in you?
  • Indulge in a conversation where you both can ask about each others’ favorite actor/ actress
  • Both of your favorite rides at Disneyland or which one is the favourite Disneyworld?
  • If you both like to read books?
  • Ask each other the best hero in movies
  • One of the funnest places that you both have ever been to?
  • Try to know each others’ best vacation spots
  • What kind of cuisines you both would love to cook and have together on a beautiful dinner night over video phone dates during this pandemic lockdown?