This Valentine, Get Tips By Livelinks Team For A Strong Relationship

Going on phone dates with your special someone is surely a good experience, and it is something that you will cherish with your partner each and every moment. So, why we even do this, and what is so special about having special date moments with your special someone? These are special because every couple in their phone dating relationship feels loved with their partner.

This Valentine 2020, make your phone dating love feel more important than any other thing. It is a sweet celebration that happens every year on 14th February, where you must spread as much as love to your partner. Celebrate this special day with your partner by presenting them gifts and making them feel loved. The beauty of enduring love is when two people in a phone dating relationship promise to stay by each others’ side , no matter what the situation is. Also, this is true that in everybody’s life there is time to weep, a time filled full of happiness and mourn, but sailing through these tough and happy times when together, means a lot in relationships; as it makes the bonding stronger. To make your phone dating relationship stronger, get these smart tips by Livelinks Singles’ Chatline team this 2020 Valentine.

  • Both of you must practice acceptance in life
  • Always know that every phone dating relationship has its ups and down
  • Make use of word “WE rather than “I”
  • Keep the spark in your relationship alive by trying different things
  • Travel with each other as much as you can
  • Appreciation is a must for your partner to make a phone dating relationship successful
  • Laugh together as it makes the bonding stronger between couples
  • Try to cook some favorite dishes for each other
  • You both should not have any secrets

However, there are more than just knowing the above points mentioned in making your phone dating relationship stronger. A team of skilled Singles’ Chat Line has penned down few points apart from those which are mentioned above. What if you both have differences? How exactly you will handle these differences to make your bond stronger. Here are a list of points to have a check on.

  • Pursue each others’ dream
  • Respect the differences in your thoughts
  • Try to be patient with each other when things do not work out as you wanted it to be
  • Help each other in difficult times

How Do You Know Whether The Relationship, You Are In, Is Healthy?

  • Check whether you both listen to each other and respect the decision
  • Does your phone dating partner gives enough space
  • Do you really enjoy being in the company with each other
  • Are both of you comfortable with each other in sharing emotions
  • Check whether you both enjoy meeting each others’ family or not?
  • Whether you both respect the differences?


Phone dating relationships are different and every person has his or her ways of handling the ups and downs of it. However, if you both are successful in handling the odd situations which may arise in relationships, then definitely it’s a healthy relationship