Signs Of Abusing Texts From Your Partner By RedHot Dateline Chat Line

In today’s generation, texting someone is easier than you think and this is easier when it’s done through social media.But, remember one thing, as sweet as it sounds to you when your phone dating partner texts you romantic messages, it’s the same thing when it comes to spotting the signs of abusing texts from your partner. This process of conveying messages to your phone dating partner is often known as “textual abuse”, which should immediately be taken into action to be on the safe side.

According to RedHot Dateline Erotic Phone Chat Line team, such texts when sent by your phone dating partner will involve manipulation techniques where they will try to convey few light-hearted messages which are often ignored by you. Behind all those manipulative sweet and romantic messages, your phone dating partner may already have dominated you and have the full control over you.

Read below few spotting techniques to get rid of your abusive phone dating partner and save yourself from such relationships well in advance.

Asking as many as questions from you

Questions such as “where are you”,” with whom you are right now”, “till what time you will be at home”, or “ with whom you are going out” are few such indications which are asked by any abusive phone dating partner.

No doubt, partners in a healthy phone dating relationship prefer to communicate via advanced technologies, but their motive behind talking to their partner is pure. Always remember that any unhealthy phone dating relationship is always based on controlling behavior, and as a result it leads towards an interrogative questions mode.

An expectation to always be glued to your phone

Well, abusive texts or calls which involve questioning in the form of “why you didn’t revert me back when I tried reaching you twice”? is one of those signs where abusive texts are easy to spot by you. Any couple in an unhealthy phone dating relationship will expect their significant other to be available for them 24/7 hours a day.

Yes, it is true that couples who are deeply in love with each other, expect their partner to be in touch but in unhealthy relationships, couples have a desperate urge to expect their partner to communicate with them all the time, which is not fair and acceptable. So, this is another way to spot an abusive text messages in a phone dating relationship.

A jealous partner is always a sign of an abusive relationship

RedHot Dateline Chat Line for Erotic Singles advises that couples who are always jealous of others can’t really be accepted to be in a healthy relationship. Of-course no doubt jealousy does happen between couples even in healthy relationships, but their notion is different which is a healthy thing to expect. Sometimes, couples in a phone dating relationships who are jealous towards their partner can sound like a threatening to one another.

So, these were few most accurate and convincing ways of spotting an abusive partner in phone dating relationships. Hope this blog post will help you and other people many ways to save themselves from a bad relationship.