GuySpy Voice Chatline Lists Down “Getting To Know You” Queries

To try to know your gay partner, it’s always better to shoot questions to them which will help you do research about their life, interest as well as dislikes. Asking few definite phone dating questions to your guy will add a bit of excitement while removing those awkwardness in first meeting. A skilled team of proficient professionals working at GuySpy Voice Gay Chat Line suggests that asking these phone dating questions are harmless and will further help both the people in a relationship know about each other more.

Harmless Phone Dating Questions To Ask Your Gay Partner

  • What is your favourite movie to watch with your partner?
  • Ask questions like “tell me those essential things which I will love to see when I walk down to your door.
  • Questions such as “ tell me three most important words which will describe you well.
  • Can you remember your best birthday that you celebrated in an outstanding manner?
  • Funny questions like “ if you were a ghost where you would like to haunt me”?
  • The kind of car you would love to drive with me?
  • I can see that you look great in every dress; so may I know what is your fitness routine in this busy lifestyle?
  • What kind of jobs you will never like to be hired for?
  • So have you received any award in your professional life if I may have a permission to this about you?
  • List the name of books which you will love reading

Funny Questions Which You Can Ask Your Partner

  • The silliest thing that you have ever done in public unknowingly
  • Do you like to talk with yourself when alone at home?
  • Any funny nickname that you have got from your cousins or other relatives?

These above questions to your partner are good to catch the state of mind of your gay partner as suggested by Gay Phone Chat Line professionals.